About Xtra-Dry

Designed from the North West of the UK (renowned for wet weather!) Xtra-Dry riding gear was born from an idea by Pat Gallagher.

‘Having ridden horses all my life, mainly in Ireland and England, I’ve had my fair share of wet weather when riding. ┬áPrevious waterproof coats have been uncomfortable and didn’t keep me dry.
I decided to design riding clothes that kept me dry, comfortable and that were practical.
I wanted to design a riding jacket available for everyone to wear, whatever the riding occasion, from hacking to hunting, eventing to every day…a riding jacket that was waterproof and windproof, but lightweight AND breathable.
Together with my close friend who has spent his entire life in the textile industry, designs were drawn out and I sourced a material to suit. The material has technology included that allows the jacket to be dried by just shaking it!

Xtra-Dry was born and with it a Jacket that did the job I intended it to do…be lightweight, breathable, windproof AND keep you dry’